Monday, July 27, 2009

Jackie Robinson Park

So, here is the story about a kid that STOLE (no baseball pun intended) my heart away a few summers ago... Casey Kotofsky. He is the son of Jeff and Jyll Katofsky, the owners of the Orem OWLZ baseball team.
If ever there was a kid that you could just be OH SO PROUD of, it is him.

At a recent summer baseball game in Ogden Utah, the subject of dirt collecting came up. (ya, go figure!) When I mentioned that I collected it and needed some from WHEREEVER anyone goes, the Katofsky kid jumped at the chance and told me how he had been to quite a few places! Not only traveled and hung out, but had also played ball there too.

You see, this boy is MULTI TALENTED! He couldn't pass up a chance to add to my collection and returned this week with a sample from the Jackie Robinson Park where he pitched this past season. To read more about Jackie Robinson the ball player you can visit

Casey gave me this dirt last night at the field and was not a bit camera shy about this photo op too! The dirt is bright red and OBVIOUSLY from a ballpark. I look forward to getting more trading cards with his autograph...(he probably doesn't remember, but he gave me one of his 3 years ago and simply signed it... to my star)... and more importantly, more dirt from his travels. This kid is going far to say the least! Thanks Casey!


Julie said...

Casey is awesome! He stole my heart as well. Always has a hug and a compliment for me. Love that kid!

Meagen said...

You're so skinnnyyyy