Sunday, March 29, 2009

INDIA part 1 of 6

Jeremy has returned from India once again and this time has brought back 5 different samples of soil. This is part one of a 6 part series on his delivery. This is Jeremy and I at DOBA located here in Orem. Jeremy has also started a new business called 9AISLE. There is never a dull moment in his life that is for sure. The shirt that Jeremy is holding was a souvenir he brought back from India after taking an active part in Holi Day, a tradition carried on in India each year. More pictures of his adventures can be found on his many postings on Facebook as well. This picture was taken at the DOBA facilities located right here in Orem. The picture to the right shows all 5 samples of dirt that were brought back for me. The guide that he traveled with will be a guest at the hotel in a few weeks and I intend to get a lot more information from him upon his arrival.
1. The Capitol of India
2. A location just outside for Afghanistan
3. The monument of the Fallen Soldiers
4. A location in India - Jaipur
5. Another location in India - Moida
No doubt it was just another adventure for Jer, but indeed, more samples of dirt for me! Thanks Jeremy once again for bringing me back a little piece of the world you live in.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Donner Pass

Growing up in Northern California and living just at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, I got to travel quite often to Reno. In doing so, I went over the Donner Pass. For those of you that haven't been there before, it is beautiful. The story of the Donner party and their struggles can be found at . I got the sample above about 12 years ago when traveling back from Loomis and a family visit. Several years ago I got to experience a different side of the Donner Pass. I traveled to Roseville, California via the California Zephyr operated by Amtrak. It runs from Chicago, Illinois to Emeryville, California. The ride is a L O N G one, but well worth it! On the return trip there are actually guides on the train that give an audio account of the Donners and their demise. There is also a monument at the Donner Memorial sight, indicating how deep the snow got during the storm. This dirt was gathered from the base of that monument.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Keep me posted...

Few things in life get me as excited as seeing a new sample of dirt in my PO Box. At the UPS store on Center Street in Orem, the employees there always treat me so well. They get almost as excited about where my dirt is coming from as I do! In fact, they usually know BEFORE I do where it is coming from. I have had kind of a slow serious of events this last little while. But that is kind of how it is in the DIRTY business that I work in. So, keep me posted. Send me some dirt. Here's the thing...I still have over 100 plus samples that I still haven't posted about, so really, there's no RUSH! I have plenty of time, and too, the dirt isn't going anywhere.

The little white vial on my keychain, is now filled with my FAVORITE dirt ever. Any guesses?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Melones Reservoir

So in my travels, I have connected with lots of people. But in my blogging, I have had a chance to RE CONNECT with lots of people too. Joe Reyes being one of them. Joe and I attended Del Oro High School together in California. We crossed paths infrequently in those days, he was always wrestling in the gym and me? I was busy playing softball outside! But, we have recently re-connected thru blogging and working on our high school's 30th reunion.

When Joe read my blog he jumped at the chance to get on board and send me some dirt! He and his wife Kim went fishing (something Mr. Reyes gets to do a lot!) and were kind enough to get me some dirt from their adventures! This dirt is very unique in that it is very textured! It reminds me of coffee grounds. The picture doesn't really do the deep red color justice. This sample was saved from the Angles Camp area located on the map on the right ------------------->

More information on the New Melones Lake can be found at the following website:
I heard a rumor that I might be getting some new samples soon too! Thank you in advance, and I appreciate you thinking of me!

Popcorn and Ketchikan Alaska

In 1985 my husband and I had an opportunity to move to Juneau, Alaska. As I have shared before, we worked in a restaurant their called Grandma's Farmhouse Restaurant. We caught a flight from Seattle, Washington and en route to Juneau, made on stop at a place that was self proclaimed to have the

So during the very short duration of time that we waited for several people to get on the flight that would carry them on into the capitol of Juneau, they handed out free samples of their world's greatest popcorn. Here's the thing...Our family are kind of popcorn connoisseurs. I couldn't tell you if we really enjoyed the aforementioned popcorn, but I do know this....THE DIRT from Ketchikan was beautiful! I didn't get this sample until about 2 years after we left Alaska. AND it was actually given to me by a former employee of the restaurant that worked their after we had left! Small world indeed. So, for those of you that love Orville Redenbachers, or Jiffy Pop, or even if you are a Jolly Time popcorn person, listen up! Popcorn tastes may come and go, but the taste for D I R T shall never change.