Friday, November 21, 2008

The Angry Georgian

Another shout out is in order! This time to... the Angry Georgian. He sent me this sample of Georgia Red Clay all the way from where other than... Georgia! The red turf is quickly becoming my favorite of all the dirt from the United States. Read the Angry Georgian's blog! It is quite interesting! I still have a great deal more to post, and now that the MS body has won yet another battle, I am on it! Thank you to the Angry Georgian, you made my whole day!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The game of RISK

Many years ago my family played the game of RISK. It got to be more of an obsession than just a means to pass time with a family game. We played religiously every Friday night. The winner was even awarded a giant belt similar to the one worn by wrestlers in the WWF. The board game itself wasn't big enough to accommodate all of the people we had playing each weekend so we created a larger version of the game out of several kinds of wood, stain, and a wood carver. I spent probably 2 days on the art work alone. On each side of the board was even a rolling tray for the dice. The whole thing took a little over 2 months to create, and up until now has just hung on our basement wall. As I was redecorating the basement in preparation for the holidays, it occured to me that I have dirt from almost all of the different countries on our risk board. Whalaaaa...the new display case for my dirt collection. Complete with velcro in order to remove and admire the dirt, it holds about 200 samples. Needless to say, it was filled up quickly. The whole display takes up an entire wall. I L.O.V.E. it! Now the only question is where do I put the other 200 bottles?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nancy Crumcakes and Cinnamon rolls

Lots and lots of dirt has arrived since my last post. I've been so excited to be able to start posting about each of them. Sadly, my mind and heart want to get right to it, however, my MS ridden hands are not cooperating this week. So, it's taken me a little bit of time, but I am committed to catching up pronto. My first shout out is to Nancy Crum aka...Nancy crumbcakes and cinnamon rolls. We have never met but have a mutual acquaintance. Not only was her dirt from Woodland Washington fun to receive, but the home made cinnamon rolls were D-lish! Thanks to Nancy for the dirt AND the cinnamon rolls!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hog Wild about dirt!

My birthday was this past Monday and tradition has it at the Hampton Inn that our boss takes all of the managers out to lunch for their special day. Our new DOS also has a birthday this week so together we chose where to celebrate. The Timpanogos Harley Davidson Shop located in Lindon Utah has a restaurant inside called Marleys. They serve killer sliders there and the french fries are off the charts good! But, to keep from sounding more like a restaurant review than a report on my dirt, I'll just let you go to the web site and discover for yourself how unique and really COOL this place is. Lance was our tour guide for this adventure and told us the history behind the building. For starters, it was the exact location of the Frontier Cafe, a truck stop that over 18 years ago my husband and I used to clean ceilings once a year. After it burnt down some time ago, the property just sat vacant. Small worlds collide again and now it is the Timp Harley store. Lance also told us that people drive from over 300 miles away just to see this store. And now, I have dirt to add to my collection! It rained the morning we went so it took me some time to dry the dirt out before I could store it in the jar. I encourage everyone to hit the web sites, or go in person to see for yourself how amazing this place is. The food is great, the bikes are "bitchin'" and the staff are both. I asked Lance before we left if the store was the largest Harley Dealership in the U.S. He said no, and I quote, "we never wanted to be the biggest, just the coolest." Well, I for one certainly went HOG WILD!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Meagen's Sandbox

Meagen loved to play in the sandbox in the backyard of our house. These pictures were taken in 1986. In looking at the photos, one would think she was camera shy. My oh my what a difference a few years makes. I love the upclose picture of the sand. When I was web surfing this past week and looking at the international sand collectors website, I saw sand that was star shaped, flower shaped, round, oblong, and many other shapes. There was white sand, green sand, blue sand and even yellow sand. The sand in this photo seems a bit blah compared to those, but, it does have a great deal of sentimental value.

Well, actually, the sand is way cool, but I kinda think that little girl is the best part of the pic!