Thursday, March 10, 2011



Ha ha ha! I love when Sean Connery said that in the movie. Nick Cage learned a few things about himself when he portrayed an FBI agent and "side kick" of sorts to Sean in the movie entitled The Rock back in 1996.

And although I have never been to Alcatraz personally, I do have some great daughters that have visited there. (Thank you to the Man upstairs that it was only a day visit)

Thank you to Madi, Brady and Holli for snagging me this sample of dirt from the island of Alcatraz on a recent visit there. I have many dirt samples that are in these cute little magnetic fridge decorations. I always love getting them!

Alcatraz, also known as "The Rock" is the most infamous prison in United States history. It housed some of the most notorious criminals we have ever seen in our nations history. This prison was known amongst criminals as the worst place to go. Alcatraz is secluded on an Island off the coast of San Fransisco, with no one around for miles, these prisoners sat in this dark, foggy and dampened prison counting the days, trying not to go completely crazy. Alcatraz was opened back in 1934 and it closed it's doors in 1963. Alcatraz was considered one of the harshest prisons around. The prisoners had minimal privileges, if any, and some prisoners where even driven to complete insanity because of the conditions that were Alcatraz. This makes Alcatraz tours in San Fransisco, one of the most popular things for most tourists and even locals here to do.

Thank you again to my sweet family for thinking of me on their trip to San Francisco.

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