Thursday, April 16, 2009

White Sands, New Mexico

This is so beautiful! Thanks go out to Patty Palmer for her efforts in getting this to me so quickly after our talk in Relief Society about collecting dirt and how to use it in our daily lives.....(haha) !No, not really, but we did discuss my LOVE of collecting dirt in a lesson I gave in Relief Society some time ago. This is from White Sands , New Mexico. This sand sample was obtained, (Patty wanted me to point out) COMPLETELY legal.

Apparently, you are not aloud to remove the sand, but nothing has ever been mentioned in regards to the removal of said sand out of your shorts, socks, shoes, or anywhere else that may have accidentally gotten stuck. Thank you to Patty, who so bravely and boldly went where no other sister dared to go before! (Into the shorts to find some sand)

More info on White Sands, New Mexico, and the COOL place it really is can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

On my list of places to go.