Saturday, May 2, 2009

CCC Martinez, California

Here it is...Not only did I get some WAY cool dirt from Martinez, California located in Contra Costa County, but I got something even cooler! A new little grandson named Kelvin Kyler Love. This is the pic of the baby, and the dirt...and yes, every time there is a new place that baby Kelvin will visit, the tradition will continue. New baby. New dirt.

The dirt is from the hospital that Kelvin was born in. Kelvin was welcomed into the world on Monday, April 27th at 4:17 in the morning. Read more about the whole story at P.S. The little brown spot on the Itty Bitty Diaper...isn't what you think...It's the DIRT! Welcome to the world Kelvin!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, and update! :)
And congrats on the grandchild!

Brenda said...

hahaha nicely put..