Friday, November 21, 2008

The Angry Georgian

Another shout out is in order! This time to... the Angry Georgian. He sent me this sample of Georgia Red Clay all the way from where other than... Georgia! The red turf is quickly becoming my favorite of all the dirt from the United States. Read the Angry Georgian's blog! It is quite interesting! I still have a great deal more to post, and now that the MS body has won yet another battle, I am on it! Thank you to the Angry Georgian, you made my whole day!


Anonymous said...

Glad I could do my part!
For those that are interested, the dirt I sent was collected from 2' below the surface when I was digging the footings for my shed. Because of Brend's obsession with dirt, it gave me a sense of wonder knowing that I was the first human being to ever lay eyes on that dirt. As I packaged it up I sat there and wondered what the world was like when that little sample was just under the surface instead of two feet down.
Most people would just look at it and say "Oh, it's just dirt." Thanks Brenda, for opening my eyes to something so cool. I'll be sending you more samples in the future from my own adventures.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to mention you need to fix your links. Blogger's adding it's own address to the front of the address you're linking to. It does that to me sometimes.

Holli said...

I wrote Alex and asked him for some dirt. He should get the letter any day now.. And then you will have dirt from Ft. Benning GA! Where dad was born =) ... I told him if he didn't then I would make him go see Twilight. Hehe. Me so mean.