Monday, February 9, 2009

Nothing to do with dirt!

ONLY because I have so much respect for the Angry Georgian, am I going to post on here about my first picture in my photo folders. This is Ms. Holli. She is SO beautiful and one of my three pride and joys! This was a photo shoot Holli and her friend Megan did at UVU this past fall. The thing about Holli is, she could be covered in sand, dirt, mud, or anything else, she would still be beautiful! I suppose I now need to tag three others so here it goes...Clayton, Neisha, and Madi. Let's see how far this challenge travels!


Anonymous said...

You know, all three of your daughters are quite the lookers. :)

Meagen said...

Um hello, I want a post all about me too! He he. JK. That's a good picture of Hoe.