Saturday, February 7, 2009

Surf and Turf in Key West, Florida

The beach has always been a favorite place for me. When "Croppin and Cruisin" several years ago, one of the stops we made was in Key West, Florida. Of all of the traveling I did while teaching scrapbook classes, this may very well have been the best place ever.
About 50 yards from the dock was a bike rental kiosk. One sailing pass and $24.00 later we were on our way! A Cuban grocery store was the next place we stopped and picked up some essentials...Sun tan lotion, granola bars, lottery tickets and some H2O.
Before the day was over we sunbathed next to a military base, saw Ernest Hemingway's home, went to a little shop and ate real Keylime pie, rode to Mac's Sea Garden to get gifts and before we returned the bikes even got caught in a HUGE rainstorm. All this fun, and I still managed to get some sand from the beach we were on.
Haha! It was even a topless beach! The funniest thing about it all, was the fact that we were the only ones willing to go in the water. I just figured it was because all the locals had been there done that attitudes. Little did I know (until we were leaving) that the beach had been closed due to a hazardous spill . (This one event may very well explain all of my issues eh?)
The entire trip was a great experience and I love the feel of the sand. Right around this same area is the Southern most point of the United States. Sooner than later I will blog about all of the "mosts" in the United States. From coast to coast and everywhere in between, there's is always great places to gather dirt from.

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