Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Melones Reservoir

So in my travels, I have connected with lots of people. But in my blogging, I have had a chance to RE CONNECT with lots of people too. Joe Reyes being one of them. Joe and I attended Del Oro High School together in California. We crossed paths infrequently in those days, he was always wrestling in the gym and me? I was busy playing softball outside! But, we have recently re-connected thru blogging and working on our high school's 30th reunion.

When Joe read my blog he jumped at the chance to get on board and send me some dirt! He and his wife Kim went fishing (something Mr. Reyes gets to do a lot!) and were kind enough to get me some dirt from their adventures! This dirt is very unique in that it is very textured! It reminds me of coffee grounds. The picture doesn't really do the deep red color justice. This sample was saved from the Angles Camp area located on the map on the right ------------------->

More information on the New Melones Lake can be found at the following website:
I heard a rumor that I might be getting some new samples soon too! Thank you in advance, and I appreciate you thinking of me!

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