Sunday, March 29, 2009

INDIA part 1 of 6

Jeremy has returned from India once again and this time has brought back 5 different samples of soil. This is part one of a 6 part series on his delivery. This is Jeremy and I at DOBA located here in Orem. Jeremy has also started a new business called 9AISLE. There is never a dull moment in his life that is for sure. The shirt that Jeremy is holding was a souvenir he brought back from India after taking an active part in Holi Day, a tradition carried on in India each year. More pictures of his adventures can be found on his many postings on Facebook as well. This picture was taken at the DOBA facilities located right here in Orem. The picture to the right shows all 5 samples of dirt that were brought back for me. The guide that he traveled with will be a guest at the hotel in a few weeks and I intend to get a lot more information from him upon his arrival.
1. The Capitol of India
2. A location just outside for Afghanistan
3. The monument of the Fallen Soldiers
4. A location in India - Jaipur
5. Another location in India - Moida
No doubt it was just another adventure for Jer, but indeed, more samples of dirt for me! Thanks Jeremy once again for bringing me back a little piece of the world you live in.

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That's just awesome!