Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Popcorn and Ketchikan Alaska

In 1985 my husband and I had an opportunity to move to Juneau, Alaska. As I have shared before, we worked in a restaurant their called Grandma's Farmhouse Restaurant. We caught a flight from Seattle, Washington and en route to Juneau, made on stop at a place that was self proclaimed to have the

So during the very short duration of time that we waited for several people to get on the flight that would carry them on into the capitol of Juneau, they handed out free samples of their world's greatest popcorn. Here's the thing...Our family are kind of popcorn connoisseurs. I couldn't tell you if we really enjoyed the aforementioned popcorn, but I do know this....THE DIRT from Ketchikan was beautiful! I didn't get this sample until about 2 years after we left Alaska. AND it was actually given to me by a former employee of the restaurant that worked their after we had left! Small world indeed. So, for those of you that love Orville Redenbachers, or Jiffy Pop, or even if you are a Jolly Time popcorn person, listen up! Popcorn tastes may come and go, but the taste for D I R T shall never change.

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