Wednesday, January 21, 2009

San Diego, California

The sample on the left was the dirt that Meagen and Christopher collected while on vacation in San Diego 2 years ago. The one in the middle is actually one that I collected over 5 years ago. The container it is in was actually a vial that my Avonex medicine used to come in. I have since then, purchased a new white plastic carrying case about the size of a teaspoon that I keep on my key chain just in case I find some cool soil and I need a place to keep it until I get home. The one on the right was given to me by a former client that I worked with in the scrapbook industry.

I have collected so many samples from San Diego, California, that I decided to combine them all in one post. You remember KK? She sent me some dirt recently from the Lake Mead area in Nevada. Well, she sent these samples from San Diego as well. I laughed when she dropped a little note in the bag too. This is not from the beach, but you can SEE the beach from where I got it! Ha ha ha. Love that line!

She also sent me some sand dollars as well. Knowing my love of the ocean she must. Those quickly went into a decorative jar in my guest bathroom. Thank you to Meagen and KK both for the samples. San Diego is so beautiful. The median temperature is 78 degrees year round! That's something I could get used to. Thank you to everyone for expanding my beach sand from San Diego.

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