Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chester J. Culver and Iowa Dirt

My dad is from a very small (or what used to be small) town in Iowa named Red Oak. I have a small sample of dirt from there but was still very excited to receive this sample of dirt from the Governor, Mr. Chester J. Culver. He had collected it some time ago but was waiting for it to dry out a little. I had to laugh, in his letter he even mentioned that is was muddy, "But it is that time of year here in Iowa." he said.

The day I received this sample, Orem received a foot of snow. I guess Mr. Culver, it is that time of year here in Utah as well. To obtain more information about Iowa, he suggested going to this web site:
Thank you for the sample! When it dries out, it will be placed in another glass vial provided by specialty bottle and added to the collection.

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The Angry Georgian said...

I'm glad to see that some of our Governors are playing along. It must be a nice break in their normally hectic lives.