Saturday, January 17, 2009

Surf and TURF

Sand from Surf Beach in Lompoc, California. It's located next to Vandenberg Air Force Base. This dirt was obtained after testing of the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD) missile. This is the missile that defends our nation from missile attacks. The only other detail I can offer (Top Secret means Top Secret) is that a newly acquired friend named Lance saved it for me and sent it my way! The texture is very similar to sand I have also recently received from San Diego.

Surf Beach is located not far from Highway 1 and 240 where the road dead ends at the Vandenberg Base. Amtrak has even recently just opened a stop there letting you right off at the beach. And you know how I feel about Amtrak! Ride the rails, and then the tide! Sounds like the perfect vacation to me! There is also an Embassy Suites near by. Remember, staying with a Hilton property is always the best way to go.

Thank you Lance! I appreciate you thinking of me during your recent JOURNEY!


Anonymous said...

You liked that huh? :)
I was going to send you some from this weekend but things got so hectic where I was I just plain forgot. You're going to have to wait till next month when I go back. I promise I won't forget twice!

Brenda said...

Oh sure! Such a tease. It's all good, I look forward to getting it from your next journey! Thank you again for thinking of me!