Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mississippi River (MUD)

So, why do I have a logo of the band AC/DC on my post? Weird, I know. But, the purpose in Jeremy Hanks visiting Missouri was not, contrary to popular belief, just to collect more dirt for me! Oh, HELL no!

He went there to completely and totally have his mind blown away by his favorite band, none other than AC/DC. They were in concert and while he was there getting what I am sure is unrepairable hearing loss, he snaked me dirt not only from the St. Louis Arch as previously posted but the Mississippi River as well.

The bag it came in was neatly wrapped. It was actually in 2 bags. So, suffice to say, it still contained a lot of moisture from the river.

Yes, it looked just like MUD! And not the kind of Mississippi Mud you would enjoy eating at a restaurant! *Note to self, prepare delicious dessert for family tonight. The mud has been in my possession for over a week and has yet to dry out. But, like all good, wet, dirt samples, I have no doubt that eventually it will. Here's to Jeremy and all his travels.


I will assume that the band inspired you with this song to get my latest dirt sample. ENJOY!


Jeremy said...

Early AC/DC!!

DIRTy Deeds, done DIRT cheap.


I've been teaching Alex to say that in the same crazy, low voice as Malcom Young.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I've spent all week wondering how you were going to tie AC/DC into your blog. :)

est. 1983 said...

actually have a blog set to post pretty soon with all songs ever having a theme of dirt or sand, or whatever. hehehe