Monday, January 12, 2009

Daytona Beach, Florida

Shawnnee and her husband Troy did a lot for us. Not only did they offer a home away from home to Holli when she was in Boston, they also "traveled" me some way cool dirt from Daytona Beach, Florida. The sand was just like I remembered the sand in Key West. Baby powder consistency and the little extra they brought me was cool too! Sea weed that looked like it had pyracantha berries on it. I am glad that blogs don't have smell a vision too! Oh my, let's just say, the sand was so (smelly) beautiful, it took my breath away! They brought me such a large amount that I even had some extra that I could add to my salt water fish tank. The fish were in heaven. I will post about that later. It was interesting too that they brought it to me in a water bottle. I imagine that most people take bottled water with them to the beach and that is the reason that most people send me samples using them. Thank you Shawnnee and Troy for sharing your adventure with me! And just a side note: Troy, you gave her the "words of encouragement" when she needed it the most in her life, and those words will never be taken lightly, and too, will never be forgotten. You (and the sample of sand) are appreciated!

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