Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The United States Postal Service

What would the holidays be without mail coming in and mail going out. Now that the holidays have past, I think about how amazingly efficient the United States Postal Service really is. Sure we complain about the price of a stamp going up. Sure we complain when something gets damaged here and there. And of course, we all complain when something gets lost completely!

But for me, to have someone pick something up at my house, and within a week or so deliver it to another person for me for under a buck... It's still a bargain. I have gotten a few dirt samples in the mail recently, that made me giggle when they arrived. I've posted some pictures. The funny thing is, the one that says we care was delivered with a bag of dirt in the envelope inside of it. Apparently, it traveled so far on it's journey, that it just got all messed up. Even funnier? It came from Salt Lake City! The State of Arizona wanted to be sure that I got my dirt sample in very good condition and didn't take any chances with theirs. They even went as far as labeling the envelope FRAGILE! Now that's a new one. Dirt being fragile. Thanks to the USPS for delivering my dirt to me in rain, or snow, or sleet, or sun, or ...


Anonymous said...

That's just funny!

Anonymous said...

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