Monday, January 5, 2009

2 of My Favorite Angels

A late Christmas gift, an early Mother's day gift, a Congratulations on no longer being sick and going back to work gift...I don't know, pick a reason, but my extended "family" from Alabama could not have picked a better time to send me a little sample of dirt from where they spent their Christmas this year. Joplin, Missouri. This is Beau Brooks and his grandma Donna Boyd. Beau was one of many players that we were a host family to. Donna and I became email buddies when I was lay ed up and in bed for a month during December. She was so great about emailing me each morning. Donna also commented on my blog quite some time ago and told me about her sand collection from Destin, Florida. This sample from Joplin, Missouri arrived along with a beautiful hand thrown bowl. I included a picture of it because of it's "organic" nature. The potter who created it is from Alabama.

Her name is Tena Payne and her web site is She describes her pottery style as "randomness under control with a subdued sophistication." I just love the fact that she has taken different earth elements, mixed them together in the right ratio and placed it in the fire. All I know, is it turned out beautiful! I can say without hesitation, my "family from Bama", they could be the nicest people I have ever had the privilege of being associated with.

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