Friday, December 26, 2008

Apache Junction,Arizona

The people that read your blog might surprise you. There are the obvious "just passin' through" types, they are the ones that type something in incorrectly, only to realize their mistake and begin retyping. Then, there are the "comic page" types, they are the ones that read only the things in your blog pertaining to them and the level of happiness received from only those posts they are particulary interested in. Then, there are my personal favorites. The blog buddies. The ones that, for whatever reason, find your blog, read your blog, sincerely enjoy your blog, then find a reason to participate in your blog. Thus, I give you the following dirt sample. This I received from my newest blog buddy the Angry Georgian who was on a trip visiting Arizona.
Remember in my original post, I commented on the main reason that I love collecting dirt from others and not just my own experiences, is because of the happiness it brings me knowing that someone took the time to first think about me, second, gather some dirt, or sand, or soil, or shells, or rocks, or treebark, or whatever, and third send it to me. WAY COOL! Thank you again. I look forward to more of your adventures and a little piece of them coming my way. For those of you wanting more information about Apache Junction, Arizona, read the Angry Georgians' comment or just google away!

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The Angry Georgian said...

You know, I never thought spooning dirt into a plastic bag would bring me such joy. It's not so much the dirt itself, it's the feeling I get knowing that I'm bringing someone else happiness.
That particular sample comes from the roadside bordering state recreational land at the foot of Superstition Mountain, home of the supposed Lost Dutchman gold mine.
You will receive another sample soon, blog buddy, but I'm not going to tell you where it's coming from this time. I have to keep you in suspense. It's more fun that way!
p.s. Your editor is adding to the beginning of your links again.