Monday, December 22, 2008

Ruth Ann Minner and Delaware Dirt

I love the letters that come with my dirt samples. Of course, they are all saved and will some day be put into many "physical" scrapbooks. They are all sort of worded the same way. Very polite and PC. They probably get hundreds of requests every day at the state Capitols for stuff like I requested. Oh, okay, so maybe not DIRT requests but important things none the less. Here is my response and dirt sample from the state of Delaware. As the letter stated, Delaware is a unique state in many ways, a good source of information on Delaware is located at This sample was taken at the Tatnall Building in Dover. It was a very rich brown color and almost reminded me of a sample I received from Iowa years ago. Sometimes, even when the states are so far apart, the dirt still looks very similar. Thank you to Alexis Carter who is Ms. Minner's assistant. You are appreciated!

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