Thursday, December 25, 2008

From BLOG to BOOK!

The people in my family, simply put...are AMAZING!

They contacted a company called Shared Book. They are so proud of me for finally getting my blog up and running that they rewarded me BIG TIME! They took the information that I have put on the world wide web and had it produced into Book Form... All of my posts up to the end of November 2008 are there in that book. All 34 pages of it. It has a Dedication page, Table of Contents, and even has a footnote section that lists all of the comments that have been left by readers of my blog!

They are going to update it for me periodically and promised me that the next one will arrive sometime in May. Mother's Day perhaps? Whenever it comes makes no difference to me! I am just glad they found this place and had it delivered on Christmas morning. Thank you so much to my family. And of course, all of you, since, after all YOU are the stars of my show. So now, when I write stuff on my blog, I know that eventually, I will get to see it in book form. Hit the web site. It really is amazing, and very affordable to do as well! Look closer, that may be you on that page!

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Anonymous said...

That is so cool!