Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Gift from Puerto Rico

I had a coworker at one time that was from Puerto Rico. His name was Angel and it was truly, the perfect name that should be given to him. He was one of the most humble, caring, and giving people I have ever been blessed to be around.
2 years ago, Angel and his family traveled back to Puerto Rico to visit with family and friends for the holidays. When he returned he told me that he remembered I collected dirt and wanted to give me a little something from where he was born and raised. This sample is what he brought to me. He told me about the area in which it was purchased and how it is a very famous spot because of the battles that had been fought there.
Porta Caribe was the location of where this sand was bottled from. It stands for the "Gateway to the Caribbean". Go to for more information on Puerto Rico. They have lots of information on how to get there as well as what to do when you are!
Time has passed and I don't know what journey Angel is on now. Wherever it might me, I hope he knows, this little part of him, is now a little part of me. Gracias, Angel.

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