Saturday, October 25, 2008

All for the price of a PONCHO

I'm not ganna lie...I love the fact that I did all of these pages so long ago. It makes it much easier (and a little more colorful) to do blog posts. La Bufadora has a whole treasure of memories behind it. It is located in Baja California, Mexico. Yeah, go figure. It is a local tourist attraction and in order to actually get to the attraction, you first have to walk about a mile through a mexican flea market. SO worth it! We bought way more than we should have including a gorgeous blanket that turned out to be a poncho. Go Meg GO! But I digress. So, once you have gone through the tourist tunnel and paid your dues, you end up at this very large body of water wedged between 2 rocks. When the tide comes in the waves crash up, and "buf" adora has happened. The "buf" wasn't all that great, however, there was a man dressed in full Indian dress that refused to have his picture taken because I picked up some of the dirt from La Bufadora. I really think all he wanted was a tip, but either way, I got his picture (even though it was just his backside) and my dirt. All for the price of a poncho.

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