Thursday, October 16, 2008

TAG I'm it?

Yes, I have now discovered the true joy of being an official blogger. Since my first post less than 2 weeks ago, I have been approached by numerous individuals wanting me to become part of their "blogging" network by making a donation, purchasing their products, oh, and one even said I would receive a million dollars from a very wealthy king in Europe... he just needs my bank account information to help him distribute the funds here in the United States. Listen, if I really thought that responding to any of these could get some new dirt for my collection I probably would! Truth be told, I kind of feel bad not responding to at least a couple. So, in order to rid myself of the guilt I have decided to respond to one in particular. Okay, so it's from my daughter, that is beside the point. Apparently, I have been TAGGED! It requires me to do the following: go to my 4th file in my photo gallery, pick the 4th picture I have, and post it on my blog along with a description of what it is about. Finally, I'm to TAG 4 other people. Seems simple enough. Well, here it is. This is a photo of something near and dear to me. Several pictures of the owlz baseball players that have stayed with us over the years. And, btw, (I'm really getting good at this blogger slang stuff) each player in the photo has not only a HUGE spot in my heart, but a spot in my dirt collection as well. There. My task is complete. I now tag the following individuals: Lyn in Australia, Sue in California, Alice in Georgia, and Emily in Massachusettes. This has been fun, but I must run along now. I'm ganna see if that king has any LAND he wants to sell.

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