Sunday, October 12, 2008

From the City Built on Water Comes DIRT!

Tokyo, Japan Venice, Italy Sienna, Italy
When October rolls around, a few things come to mind. Fall in Utah, halloween birthdays, my friends Clayton Jensen and Nick Cottle, (both who love the color orange), college football games and DOBA DAY, an annual event held at my oldest daughter's place of employment. Jeremy Hanks, co- founder of DOBA, and my daughter's boss, has the greatest job! In addition to activities such as DOBA DAY, Jeremy has the opportunity to travel to all kinds of places. Fortunate for me, he always remembers to bring me a little "something" from wherever he goes. His latest adventures have taken him to Japan and Italy. Located in the left of this picture is dirt from Japan. Tokyo to be exact. I am amazed at how rich and dark it looks. The dirt from Venice, Italy he was particularly excited about because it is from the city built on water. Finding dirt there was somewhat a challenge. He got this sample in the middle from a planter box next to the gondola rentals! The other location in Italy named Sienna, was the inspiration behind the crayola crayon color. When I held the dirt next to the crayon, the colors were almost identical. Check here often. You never know when Jeremy may be back from another trip and ready to share some exciting stories behind the dirt he has collected. Thanks Jer!

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