Saturday, October 4, 2008

So much DIRT, so little time

So, now that I have my first 100 bottles filled, I figure I have to decide on a way to blog about each of them. 30 years to collect all of it, (so far) I guess I shouldn't worry about how long it will take to display it on a blog site. Since I have dirt from all over the world, I thought about listing the samples from each continent. Then, I thought about organizing it by themes. For example, LDS Temples, Vacations, Baseball Stadiums, or Beaches. But just like dirt, random and ever changing, I will just post what comes to me next. That having been said, here I go!

This photo shows the very first samples of dirt I collected.

Mount St. Helen ash, and Loomis, California.

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Angsana said...

What an interesting hobby you have! Do you have any from Malaysia? I will sure remember to grab you a handful the next time I am back there and send you some!