Saturday, October 4, 2008

My stompn' GROUNDS

Born in Los Angeles and growing up in Saugus until I was 11 I have just a few samples from the place I grew up as a child. Loomis truly was my stomping grounds and my H O M E until August of 2003 when I moved to Utah to attend BYU. I met my husband Jerry while working in Provo and together we started our family there. The town that we wanted to live in was an easy decision, however, our choice on an exact house was not! So, in the first 6 years of our marraige, we moved 13 times! The careers that we both had lead us to Juneau Alaska to work in Grandma's Farmhouse Restaurant. Way too cold! The dirt from Juneau is so beautiful and was collected in front of the Mendenhall Glacier. After 6 months, we moved back to Utah and lived in Pleasant Grove. Yes, the same small town that Todd from the show Survivor is from. We then had another opportunity to move to Idaho Falls Idaho where I managed Roberts, a retail craft store. But, missing the four seasons of Utah, we returned after only 4 months and finally settled permanently in Orem. We have met many people along the way and in the midst of all of our travels even managed to raise 3 outstanding daughters! Meagen, Holli, and Madison.

Los Angeles, California
Saugus, California
Loomis, California
Provo, Utah
Juneau, Alaska
Pleasant Grove, Utah
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Orem, Utah

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