Friday, October 24, 2008

Sequoias and Space Shuttles

Just a random post about 2 things. The top photo is what was given to me by my nephew. He collected it from the base of the world's largest sequoia tree. The one below was taken at the last space shuttle launch. Both of these make me think about all the cool places I've yet to get or even see dirt from. A question I get asked quite a bit is where is the ONE place in the world that I would like to have dirt from. I've contemplated that so many times in my life. My first thought was Bethlehem. Not just the city, I have dirt from there. But the actual location that the Savior was born. Mt. Sanai, where the 10 commandments were given to Moses. The exact location that Joseph Smith was given the Gold Plates to translate. How about Mecca?Areas that I actually feel a connection to. Then, I think about the temple grounds of all of the LDS Temples throughout the world. And so far, I actually do have a good start on some of these. On a smaller, less spiritual scale, any historical site would be grand. Mt. Rushmore, the locations of the Civil War, the Alamo, the grassy knoll, Ford's theatre, the 4 corners, the Berlin Wall (or where it once was), and many more. Then, what about all of the places that sports history was made. Wimbeldon, PGA events, but particularly Augusta National in Georgia or St. Andrews in Scotland, oh...the Kentucky Derby. There are so many options! Legends and Lore...Billy the kid's burial ground, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's hideouts, wow. Now I'm on a roll. See, this is the great thing about collecting dirt. There's always new places to explore, even if it's through someone elses travels. That's why I'm always saying...May your journey take you somewhere...I don't have dirt from.

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