Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Older than Dirt, my political point of view

In the spirit of an election year, I submit to you my views... Many years ago, my youngest daughter Madison wanted to give me a very unique birthday present. She wrote a letter to the governor of every state requesting a dirt sample from each of their state capitals. Enclosed with the letter she sent a zip lock bag along with a return, self addressed, stamped envelope. Apparently,with new reforms on campaign spending, her budget was cut and she was only allowed to send out a few of those envelopes. And, just like all campaign promises, some got responded to and some did not. The election results from her campaign are listed below. I am giving myself a birthday present this year. Not only am I going to cast my vote on November 4, 2008, I am resending all of the remaining envelopes and have even added a few new requests. Hopefully the response will be much improved. The official "Older Than Dirt" campaign has begun! And since my birthday is only one day before that other guy gets elected, let's see who can get more votes...uh I mean dirt. Just a side note- We all know how quickly things get done in Washington D.C. so, rather than wait another 4 years for a response, Jerry and I just took Amtrak in May of 2007 and collected this sample ourselves! Needless to say, we had lots of "dirty" places to choose from.

Alabama? yea Alaska? yea Arkansas? yea Arizona? yea California? yea Connecticut? nea Colorado? nea Delaware? nea Florida? yea Georgia? yea Hawaii? yea Illinois? nea Indiana? yea Iowa? yea Idaho? yea Kentucky? yea Kansas? nea Lousiana? yea Maine? nea Maryland? nea Massachusettes? yea Mississippi? nea Michigan? nea Montana? yea Missouri? nea New Mexico? nea New Hampshire? nea North Dakota? nea North Carolina? nea New York? yea New Jersey? yea Nevada? yea Nebraska? yea Oklahoma? nea Ohio? yea Oregon? nea Pennsylvania? nea Rhode Island? nea South Carolina? nea South Dakota? nea Tennessee? yeah Texas? yea Utah? yea Virginia? yea Vermont? nea West Virginia? nea Wyoming? yea Wisconsin? nea Washington? yea


jayni & ben said...

I want to go somewhere cool so I can get you some dirt. I think it is very neat.

Niesha said...

This is a really fun idea!! Guess what I am going to Wisconsin next week so I will get you some dirt then.