Saturday, October 4, 2008

On and off the FIELD

Few things get me excited about new dirt in my collection as the beginning of a new baseball season! Growing up as a kid I followed the Cincinnati Reds and I was a huge Pete Rose fan! I once got to see him in person in San Francisco when we watched the Giants and Reds in a double header. I also attended a couple of Los Angeles Dodgers games as well. Now, living in Orem Utah I have the opportunity to live right around the corner from where the Orem Owlz Baseball team plays. They are the rookie affiliate in the farm system of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. They arrive each year around mid June and can play as long as mid September. Not only have they played in the league championship game for the past 3 of 4 years, they have won it 2 times! I share this because we are a "host family" to players while they are here. We have had 13 players live with us over the last 4 years along with numerous others who have come just to hang out. Because we share our home with them, they often share their "dirt" with us! Both on and off the field! The following collection is in chronological order and is the dirt from their home towns.

Marco Albano Arlington, Massachusetts 2005

Anthony Sullivan Arlington, Massachusetts 2005

Tadd Brewer Sturgis, Kentucky 2006

Barret Browning Jesup, Georgia 2006

Scott Knazek Browns Mills, New Jersey 2006

Christopher Garcia Bronx, New York 2007

Rian Kinary Davie, Florida 2007

Andrew Romine Lake Forest, California 2007

Christopher Rosenbaum Albany, New York 2007

Trevor Pippin Peach Tree City, Georgia 2008

Buddy Boshers Huntsville, Alabama 2008

Beau Brooks Huntsville, Alabama 2008

William Smith Newnan, Georgia 2008

Michael Wing Rancho Cucamonga, California 2008

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