Sunday, October 5, 2008


With a collection like this, there are always lots of questions that I get asked. Here are just a few:

What kind of dirt do I collect? ANY! I have it from states, countries, famous tourist attractions, hometowns, beaches, ballparks, amusement parks, mountains, just about anywhere.

How do I know it is authentic? Well, unless I collect it myself, I don't. BUT the person giving it to me knows. How 'bout a little faith in others? Ultimately, I put my trust in them.

How can I send you some? That's easy! Check out the address in the side bar. Just send it in the mail.

What will I do with duplicate dirt locations? No 2 spots are exactly alike. I keep 'em all, even if I don't post them on my blog.

How much do I want? Just one tablespoon. 1 teaspoon for the bottle, and one for the extra I keep in storage. It shouldn't cost more than just a first class postage stamp. Place it in a zip lock bag to be safe. Some folks have also sent me dirt in a film canister but it does cost a little more.

When did I start my collection? Read my first post.

If you send me dirt, will I give you credit for it? DONE!

How do I keep track of it all? Well, in the beginning it was easy but over the years, as I have accumulated more, not so much. I now have a system and label all of the bottles as I go. I also only keep minimal amounts of the dirt and let the rest get donated to a good cause. The beach samples go in my salt water fish tank, the others in my garden!

What is my favorite dirt? I have 3 that I really love. One for it's looks, one for it's location, and one because of the person that sent it to me. (You know who you are.)

Where will the dirt go when I am gone? The bottles will continue to be collected and journaled about. The daughters are in charge of that. The rest will go with me where other than...In the ground!

Got another question? I do...GOT DIRT?

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