Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Value of DIRT

Shipping for dirt from family and friends, .42 cents. Bottles to store each sample in, .25 cents. Having a collection to look at and love forever...


The value of dirt is not the same for everyone. I know that in my eyes, it is priceless. Others who look at it, quickly dismiss it and simply say, "it's just dirt" but, it's MY dirt and I could never put a price on it. This is a scrapbook layout that I created showing 6 places that I have dirt from. California, Arkansas, Nebraska, Germany and the Bahamas. I chose to leave the samples on the layout as opposed to putting them in jars in order to keep from disrupting them. The sample in the bottle next to the title page is from Michigan. Coin collections, stamp collections and other collections may fetch a higher dollar amount on EBAY, but I wouldn't take a dime for mine. Just a sidenote -
Look forward to a lot more scrapbook layout posts. I knew all those hours of cropping would pay off someday.

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If the crown fits... said...

Brenda~ you NEED to be marketing your scrapbook pages! Go for it!